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Guila Muir

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Making Meetings Work: The Art of Facilitation

power meeting from aboveFacilitation is a core leadership competency. But what is facilitation? What are the skills of a great facilitator?

This one-day class has evolved over the last 12 years to include all the skills necessary to run effective meetings, from small staff meetings to those emotional roller-coasters called public meetings! Participants apply their new skills immediately by facilitating a mini-meeting on a controversial topic.

“This training of facilitation skills was extraordinarily helpful and practical. The meetings I lead will never be the same.”
–Participant, Silicon Valley Bank

Course Details

  • 1-day group session
  • Takes place at a site of your choice
  • Appropriate for both new and seasoned facilitators

By the end of this course, participants can:

  • Describe the “facilitator frame of mind;” explain when the roles of content expert and facilitator are appropriate.
  • Develop an outcome-based agenda.
  • Model essential facilitator skills to help focus meetings, whether in person or over the phone.
  • Describe how to respond effectively to difficult group dynamics.
  • Define the responsibilities of non-facilitator meeting participants.
  • Apply these tools and skills to a “real-life” dialogue around a hot topic.

Contact Guila Muir to find out more about this course. She can customize any workshop to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Individual consultation is sometimes the best solution. Guila provides tailor-made coaching sessions both as “stand-alone” offerings and as follow-up reinforcement after workshops. Contact us to find out more about individual consultation.