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Presenters, Don’t Crash the Plane!

Do your presentations “run out of gas”? Many presenters take their audiences on a wonderful journey. But then, for the lack of a flight plan, they crash.

Why are Conclusions Important?

A closure is not just where you stop. A great conclusion reinforces, summarizes, and ties up the session. Take action to prevent YOUR crashing the plane the next time you present!

Landing Skillfully

Make sure that your closure is short, that it relates to the body of your speech, and is inspirational. Consider closing after you do a Q-A session, not before.

3 Guidelines

  • Close just once. Don’t bounce around.
  • Don’t just stop. (“That’s all, folks!”)
  • Give a hint you will conclude (“In conclusion…”) and then DO it.

Three “Never-Fail” Ways to Conclude a Presentation

1. Make a Call to Action. Passionately seek commitment to a new course. Examples:

  • “When you do ________and _________, you’ll see a huge improvement.”
  • “Join me! Be a part of the solution. Sign up right now.”

2. Return to the Opener.
Example: “Well, what happened to Mr. Albright, who you met at the beginning of my talk? (Tell them.) “… and it’s all because of the services we provided.”

3. Look to Past and Future.
Example: “Five years ago, our industry…. Today, things have changed substantially. To meet those changes, we must…” (briefly summarize points.)

In Conclusion…

Presenters, don’t crash the plane. Pilot your presentation to a successful conclusion. Your audience will appreciate the flight!



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