Guila Muir

Developing trainers, presenters and facilitators to make a difference

Client Success Stories

“I was fortunate enough to work with Guila twice in the last year. We brought her in to help take our customer training to the next level and the results were truly exceptional. In addition to improving our technical abilities as trainers, Guila inspired us to enjoy the opportunity we have to teach, and share with our customers and colleagues. It was an invigorating experience that positively impacted our entire process!” DrDrew Sheminski, Carl Zeiss IMT

“I’ll definitely use these skills to improve my team meetings. Guila’s high energy made this training fun!”
Participant, Microsoft

“Excellent tools to take away from class. This was a complex subject to cover on one day, but the tools were great and well presented. Guila is a vibrant, enthusiastic trainer—one of the best!”
Philette Hamakua-Ling, Washington State Gambling Commission

“Your energy in the classroom is amazing and infectious. I appreciated the clear, concrete and pragmatic examples that helped everyone in class understand how to best reach and teach adult learners.”
Jane Wood, MPA, DSHS Operation Review and Consultation

“Thank you so much for the role YOU play in helping people communicate better, especially when the stakes are high.”
Bill Zachmann, Watershed Plan Implementation & Policy Coordinator, Department of Ecology

“Our sessions with you some years ago remain some of the most enduring instruction I’ve had. I feel in your debt because we only paid you the one time, yet I continue to reap benefits from those sessions in both my professional and my personal life.”
Mark Tyler, State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

“Guila has provided training for my team in a corporate setting three times, twice for presentation skills and once for facilitation skills. Each time she prepared the materials in a custom fashion for me to deal with what my team needed. Guila keeps the group totally engaged the entire time, uses her time to get her concepts across then get people involved in practice. By the time she was done with her one day events we all felt we learned so much, and then put it to use. Guila is great with follow up as well and is always very interested in receiving customer feedback in order to continuously improve her offerings. I look forward to working with Guila in the future.”
David Gels, Philips Medical Systems

“Since attending Guila’s class on outcome-based meetings, I now wonder why one would have any meeting without first identifying and agreeing upon expected outcomes, and without identifying action items during the meeting. I now require this approach of my 130-plus staff, and am “managing up” as I use this format in meetings with my own bosses. It is a huge booster in productivity, morale, and time management.”
Michelle Hale, Department of Environmental Conservation

“I would like to express my appreciation to Guila Muir. The skills that Guila presented were excellent and I will be able to use them throughout my career at Zeiss. The skills will not only be useful in creating a traditional class but also with being comfortable and confident while presenting information in a “one on one” or hands on environment as well as evaluating the students’ learning progress.”
James Zitterkopf, Zeiss IMT

“I took this course last summer and was thrilled with the results! We can see statistical differences in our program because of the intense training we did using methods I learned in your class. Thank you SO MUCH!”
Lenore Lawrence,
State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services

“I just wanted to let you know that I recently designed a course on ‘Downloading eBooks’. My process was so simple and effective because of your class!”
Kara Fox, Librarian, Oak Harbor Library, Washington

“Having our curriculum on paper means that we maintain control over it. It provides consistency in our training program, no matter who the instructor is.”
Barbara Courtney, Executive Director, Artist Trust

“The construction trainers are making revolutionary improvements as a result of your course.”
Linda Hughes, WA State Department of Transportation

“The technical trainers are very prepared. They used the active learning exercises to make their training come alive. Thank you!”
Jan De Roos, City of Seattle, Executive Services Department, Business Technology

“No more dry presentations thanks to your training!”
Mary Evelyn French, Redstone Arsenal (Alabama)

“Guila’s energetic, creative and engaging style inspired our leadership team to develop truly “out-of-the-box” presentations for our annual meetings, while keeping us focused on key outcomes and measurable results. It is a potent combination and I highly recommend her.”
Kelly Holm, n-Link

“Our scientific and non-scientific staff are seeing positive changes in their presentation styles since your seminar. I’m so glad I attended!”
Darren Hamby, Director, Human Resources, ZymoGenetics

“You provided great energy and focus on areas that we hadn’t yet undertaken. Thank you!”
Jami McDermid, Vice President, Commercial Development, DIAGEO

“Because of Guila’s coaching, I witnessed a marked improvement in everyone’s presentations at our annual meeting.”
Kelly Holm, President, n-Link Inc.

“A good–no, GREAT job! I came to the class knowing it all, so I thought! I learned an incredible amount about how to improve my training design.”
Participant, Law Enforcement

“Thanks to your outstanding work, we’re increasing the credibility and professionalism of Washington attorneys making legal presentations.”
Clare Vellek, Administrator, WSTLA

“Thank you for your presentation on “The Art of Facilitation.” We appreciated your perspectives, the group participation you generated, and your energy. This session was one of our best!”
Brad Norton, LeaderSim™ Coordinator, Pacific Coast Banking School

“Your program was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks to you, the regional sales managers and I hit a “homerun” with your training!”
Carol Mansmann, Blue Cross

“I can’t say enough about my satisfaction with your training methods. Thank you for your delivery style, your smooth transitions between concepts, and your expertise in this field.”
Leslie Fritz, Director of Education, California Park & Recreation

“This training of facilitation skills was extraordinarily helpful and practical. The meetings I lead will never be the same.”
Participant, Silicon Valley Bank

“Your Presentation Skills coaching really put me on the right track.”
Lisa Ashbaugh, Mission Control

“I just today trained a group using the tools I’d learned from you. what a difference—the course evaluation ratings were 99% fives and 1% fours. If I could, I’d mandate that all state trainers and facilitators attend your class!”
Debbie O’Dell, Executive Ethics Board, State of Washington

“Effective training as Guila demonstrates the principles she teaches. Her tailor-made presentation made it very useful and immediate for us.”
Linda Hughes, Construction Training Coordinator

“I can’t believe that I wasn’t required to take this course when I became a trainer 2 years ago! It was 150% better than the Zenger-Miller course!”
Participant, Designing Effective Training Programs

“I found myself facilitating emotionally-charged personnel meeting today. I was able to implement the techniques we learned. Thanks again!”
Kendra Fuller, Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons

“Now, presenting is fun rather than threatening. Our staff say they feel more confident than ever doing public speaking.”
Donna Cameron, CAE President, Melby, Cameron & Hull

“I keep referring Guila to other organizations because I get such positive responses! One-day training tends to be all hype, but Guila’s is the exception – with her hands-on training, people truly leave with increased skills!”
Brian Boyd, Program Officer, Grantmaker Consultants, Inc.

“The outcome-based agenda is a lifesaver. Another very useful workshop by Guila. She is energetic, positive and helpful.”
Participant, ZymoGenetics

“Great tips on how to design an effective training program. I left with a draft for a 2-day training course!”
Peni Cenedella, Washington State Department of Employment Security

“Very important training! I loved the opportunities to practice what we were learning. A must!”
Participant, King County Library System


“It was a great training. I especially loved the results-focused agenda and how to open and close meetings effectively.”
Participant, Seattle Human Resources Management Association

“High energy, great activities, good handouts, simply-stated concepts, and application in class. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”
Participant, City of Bainbridge Island. Washington

“Great combination of information and process…provided new tools for an ‘old-timer!’”
Participant, Southern Westchester BOCES (NY)

“The practice sessions and group discussions were especially helpful. Great skills for work and life!”
Participant, ZymoGenetics

“I found it particularly helpful to lean the facilitation skills and questioning techniques. Now I have a clear understanding of the facilitator role.”
Participant, Southern Westchester BOCES (NY)

“Thanks! I’m “out of the box!”
Nita Jaraczewski, REEF Trainer

“I wish that more conference speakers left audiences feeling as empowered as you do.”
Celeste Hamilton, Commissioner, Maricopa Cou