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Articles to Boost Your Facilitation Skills

Using the “Six Limbs” of Facilitation to Make Meetings Work

Understanding the “six limbs” of facilitation will help you juggle meeting dynamics better. What Are the “Six Limbs?” A facilitator needs to keep six avenues of awareness open to facilitate effectively. Awareness of the “six limbs” is a kind of hyper-awareness that we don’t tend to need during other parts of our lives. This hyper-awareness …
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How to Keep Meetings Active and Productive

As a facilitator, you are responsible for achieving the meeting outcomes, maintaining full participation, and ending on time. How do you maintain meaningful, focused conversation throughout? These five tips will help. 1.  Playback. Reiterate what a participant has said as closely as you can. Try not to infer meaning.“Greg, I’m hearing you say that you …
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Difficult People Versus Difficult Dynamics

by Guila Muir I have a message for trainers, facilitators and presenters. I know that you sometimes stay awake at night worrying about how to respond if an audience member challenges you, if participants lock horns, or when a meeting or training session gets just plain thorny. To address your insomnia, you may have …
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The Most Important Tool for Online Meetings

Do you wish you ran better meetings? By using an outcome based agenda, you will experience an immediate, extraordinary improvement.

3 Tips to Tame Unruly Meetings, Part Two

by Guila Muir The Prickly Role of Meeting Guidelines

RULES? Who Needs RULES? Part One

by Guila Muir The prickly role of Meeting Guidelines

The “Tuned-In” Facilitator:” When and How to Intervene

by Guila Muir Picture this: You’re running a regular, non-eventful meeting when… Scenario One: Suddenly, as if some invisible button has been pushed, unexpected emotion erupts from the group. Or…Scenario Two: You suddenly sense a strong feeling of resistance from the group. No one says anything about it, but you can’t shake your own …
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What is a Trainer? What is a Facilitator?

Many organizations call their trainers “facilitators.” But is this an appropriate term when the person in that role mainly “tells”? “Educe,” the root of “educate,” means “to bring out.” That is what great trainers do…but isn’t it also what facilitators do? The root of “facilitate,” is “facile,” meaning to make a process easy. The best …
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Who Cares About Facilitation Skills?

by Guila Muir Why Facilitation Skills are Important: A different kind of power

How to Prevent Meetings from Hell

With technology forcing constant change in our workplaces, the true “hot commodity” over the next twenty years will be meaningful, face to face contact. However, that contact must be productive. Increasing facilitation skills – of all employees – is key. Over 80% of my training participants tell me that the number of meetings they must …
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