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Train the Trainer Courses

For online and live training, our mission is to speed up your development process and to make it easier.

Traditional Training Options Miss the Mark

Typically, organizations know of only three options for increasing employee skills through training:

  • Hire instructional designers
  • Hire outside vendors to deliver canned sessions, or
  • Stumble along and hope that employees figure out how to design effective training on their own.

Each of these options has a downside.  They are  laborious, time consuming, or costly—and, what’s worse, they often fail to address the organization’s quickly-changing needs.

Learn essential skills that will save your organization time and money!

80% of the effectiveness of instruction and presentation is due to the way it is designed.  Guila Muir & Associates approaches training by delivering a proven method to build effective training from the inside out.  Our workshops speed up the training development process and save your organization the time and expense of traditional instructional design. Trainees in our sessions learn an agile process they can use over and over again to produce training sessions that truly impact workplace performance.

We’re so confident our approach works, we guarantee it!

Learn more about our dynamic workshops:

Instructional Design Made Easy (3 days)

Train the Trainer Highlights (One Day)

Train the Trainer and Presentation Skills (2 Days)

In-House Curriculum Development Training  Variable duration)

Trainer Development Modules

“Great tips on how to design an effective training program. I left with a draft for a 2-day training course!”
Peni Cenedella, Washington State Department of Employment Security

Individual consultation is sometimes the best solution. Guila provides tailor-made coaching sessions both as “stand-alone” offerings and as follow-up reinforcement after workshops. Contact us to find out more about individual consultation.