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Five Characteristics That Get Us Through

A few years ago, Adam Bryant of the New York Times interviewed 525 diverse CEOs. These leaders came from all walks of life and many ethnicities, but they all seemed to share five definitive characteristics.

If you, like most, have struggled over the last year to keep your head above water, I believe these five characteristics also describe YOU (and me, and anyone who has dealt with challenges such as working while schooling children, learning new technologies, struggling to maintain careers, getting sick, etc.).

Acknowledge your own ingenuity, agility, and resilience over the past year. Then, make a pact to continue to cultivate these five characteristics. You are a leader, and you will “get through”.

Passionate Curiosity

Engagement with the world, relentless questioning of the status quo.

What it might sound like:

  •  “What are people’s stories?”
  • “What’s the big picture?”
  • “Why?”

Battle-Hardened Confidence

A track record of overcoming adversity.

What it might sound like:

  •  “I have the ability to shape events and circumstances.”
  • “I don’t quit.”

Team Smarts

A highly-honed understanding of people and group dynamics.

What it might sound like:

  • “_____ has an important point here. Let’s listen to him/her.”
  •  “Let’s reflect and come up with a solution together.”

Simple Mind-Set

Speaking concisely; synthesizing information to ‘connect the dots.’

What it might sound like:

  • “Let’s cut to the chase.”
  • “Here is the core point.”


Being comfortable being uncomfortable.

What it might sound like:

  • “This is an opportunity.”
  • “I’m willing to take a chance.”
  • “I’m hungry for change and can manage it.”

All five of these characteristics can be developed through attitude, habit and discipline. Let’s continue to demonstrate them as we move and pivot together into the next unknowns.

Sincerely, Guila

PS: This post never mentions the words “trainer”, “facilitator”, or “presenter”. But I created it especially for you, the leaders in my world.


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