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Roar for Better Meetings

Most staff participate in an average of 15 meetings a week, and 71% of senior managers say that meetings are unproductive.

So I created 3 GRRRs:  “Guila’s Roars to Rehabilitate our Rendezvous”. These GRRRs will improve your meetings immediately:

GRRR #1: Clearly Identify and State the Meeting’s Purpose

The leader or group must determine beforehand “what will have changed” as a result of the meeting. If you can’t say what will change, scrap the meeting. Always use an outcome-based agenda.

GRRR #2: Do Not “De-Risk” Your Meetings

Unhealthy peace is as negative as unhealthy conflict. A meeting full of smoothers-over lacks effectiveness. A facilitator should ask the hard questions and welcome disagreement. Stick to the stated outcome and actively use behavioral agreements.

GRRR #3: Know That “Meeting Recovery Syndrome” is Real, and Toxic

Even if they seem fine during the meeting, many people seethe and ruminate afterward. This affects their work and their environment. Facilitators, ask for honesty and authentic feedback, and be ready to change what you do as a result.

We must stop accepting bad meetings as a “cost of doing business”. Let’s roar together for better meetings!

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