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Can a Room Kill You? Yes!

Presenters, prevent “Death by Room”! These three tips will help ensure your physical space works with you instead of against you.

How to Blow Your Credibility from the “Get-Go”

When you are speaking in front of a group, do you really want to blow your relationship with the audience immediately? These two common presentation behaviors will help to ensure that you do! Myth #1: You should start a presentation by thanking your audience or your hosts Picture it: You’ve prepared carefully and are about …
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How Do You Know They Know? Designing In-Class Assessment

How serious are you about your students actually learning? Most of us would say, “VERY serious!” Yet many trainers and instructional designers actually have no idea what, and even if, participants have learned by the end of a session. Because trainers operate in organizations and businesses, we typically don’t issue grades. Even in preparing participants …
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3 Tips to Tame Unruly Meetings, Part Two

by Guila Muir The Prickly Role of Meeting Guidelines

RULES? Who Needs RULES? Part One

by Guila Muir The prickly role of Meeting Guidelines

The “Tuned-In” Facilitator: When and How to Intervene

Picture this: You’re running a regular, non-eventful meeting when… Scenario One: Suddenly, as if some invisible button has been pushed, unexpected emotion erupts from the group. Or…Scenario Two: You suddenly sense a strong feeling of resistance from the group. No one says anything about it, but you can’t shake your own awareness of “push-back.” Or…Scenario …
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