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Get ‘Em Moving!

Depositphotos_59572037_s-2015Anyone who jogs regularly will tell you that they feel sharper both emotionally and mentally after a run. But did you know that exercise also “pumps up” learning?

The science is clear. Not only can exercise work at least as well as antidepressants to improve moods, it improves people’s learning ability.

One recent study showed that participants learned vocabulary words 20% faster following exercise than they did before exercise. Another experiment revealed that adults’ cognitive flexibility improved after one 35- minute treadmill session at a moderate pace.

What Does This Mean for Trainers?

The best trainers acknowledge that adults learn better when they connect their heads to their bodies. So get your students moving! Use these three strategies:

1. Bring content alive by using relevant, engaging activities.

2. Periodically lead the class in some quick, stand-up stretching.

3. Take frequent breaks. (My preference is to take one 10-minute break every 60 to 75 minutes.)

Remember-we learn with our entire bodies. Don’t treat your students as if they are just “heads” alone!

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  1. Wendy Pender says:

    Research bears this out. Check out SPARK by John Ratey. Anything you study after exercise sticks better!

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