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Sharpen Your Training Brain

by Guila Muir

As a trainer, do you struggle mentally as you develop a new course? Are you ever “stuck” when you try to think of ways to improve your class?

There is a scientifically sound way to boost your brain power, pick up your energy, and improve your focus as a trainer. Although it’s very complicated and takes years of schooling and practice (Ha!), anyone can do it. The scientific cure to your fuzzy brain is to go outside.

In a world where many people suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder (go ahead, look it up) the science is clear. Merely seeing nature makes you healthier, even it you view it through a window.1 Getting out into the natural world is even better. Many studies confirm that simply by going outside, you positively impact your blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, and outlook on life.2

What do these findings have to do with training?

  • Sluggish brains make sluggish training. Wake yourself up by taking a quick walk.
  • You bring an “incomplete self” into training when you feel separate from the natural world. Call it integrity, holism, spirituality or synthesis, you owe it to yourself and to your participants to be your “whole self” when educating others.
  • Walking in nature makes you smarter. An experimental study showed that people who walk in nature perform cognitive tasks 20% better than those who walk in an urban setting.3 Don’t you want to maintain that mental edge in front of your class?

Get out, walk, and enjoy…your training will improve as a result. You can count on it!

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