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Presenting from the Seat of Your Pants

The Challenge of Sitting

We can lose a great deal of speaking power when we present from a seated position. Why?

  1. Half our bodies, with their eloquent capacity for language, are hidden.
  2. Often, our hands are not visible.
  3. Our internal organs are more tightly constrained.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Here’s how to present with confidence and authority while sitting:

  • Place your feet parallel to each other, flat on the floor, facing forward. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. No crossing your legs!
  • Feel your sitz bones, (the bones at the very bottom ends of each side of your pelvis) sitting squarely on the chair. These form your anchor.
  • Roll your shoulders down your back, opening your chest.
  • Practice gesturing in the camera. Make sure your hands are visible, but don’t move them TOO close to your face. Gesturing makes you appear much more dynamic, and helps bring your own energy up.

You’ve Got It!

Present from the seat of your pants. Whether you are presenting to board members, City Council, or being interviewed, you look and sound strong, approachable, and confident.



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