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Love Your Struggles!

I was shocked when a Presentation Skills client started a  diatribe against herself using the words “I condemn myself for…” and then launched into all the mistakes she could dream of.

WHY do we presenters, trainers, and facilitators sometimes berate ourselves with words we might never use for another person? Self-care supports our resilience.  Practicing self-care can make us better presenters, trainers, and facilitators.

5 Quickie Self-Care Techniques for Presenters, Trainers, and Facilitators

  1. Know That “It” Was Bigger for You Than For Them

If you get flustered or make a mistake during a presentation, realize that you’re taking it about 90% more seriously than anyone else in the room. Relax and move on.

  1. When You’re Done, You’re Done.

After a presentation or training, I always wash my hands. This ritual helps me transition from the “Intensified Me” mode into a more relaxed place. It helps me leave my experience behind as I move on.

  1. Give Yourself (or Another Person) a Treat

Whether it’s a special cup of coffee, a turkey sandwich, a run or a movie, give yourself a reward for the energy you spent and the exposure you experienced. Double your good feelings by treating a co-worker or friend.

  1. Sing Loudly and Hit Those High Notes

If you’re stuck in a car after an event, crank up songs you love. Research shows that simply listening to familiar sounds can “up” your mood to the point of goose bumps.

  1. Get a Few Hugs

When you get home, improve your oxytocin, serotonin, and heart rate with some hugs from a family member (including your pets).

Resolve to love and accept yourself no matter what. As the yogis say, we are all perfect inside. A few gaffes will never change that.

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