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The “Intensified You:” Key to Giving a Great Presentation

by Guila Muir

“An ounce of energy is worth a pound of technique”. (Anonymous)

When people describe the best speaker they’ve ever seen, the word “energy” always comes up. What are the secrets of exuding energy, vitality, the life force, as a speaker?

Be Big

Regardless of what size you are, take up more room. Become the “Intensified You.” Practice in front of a mirror:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Use your arms and hands to create space around your body.
  • Pump up the volume in your voice. Try saying, “Hello! My name is…” in a healthy and robust voice.
  • Pour yourself in. Be 100% present.

Practice “being big” before you get in front of a group!

Come Alive in the Magic Circle

Once you stand up and speak, you step into the Magic Circle. This is your space to shine. This little patch of earth is your Real Estate—so own it. Show what you’ve practiced-be big, take up room, and pour the energy on.

When you step out of the Magic Circle, you can relax. You no longer have to take up space…you can go home and “be little” as you watch TV. But you owe it to your audience to shine when you’re in the Magic Circle.

Energy is Key

Your ability to exude energy plays a huge role in your success as a speaker. Just try “pumping it up” a little in your next presentation, and you’ll experience a true difference.

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  1. Norris West says:

    Fantastic advice! Nothing turns off an audience more than a speaker who looks “small” and lacks energy. I will save this page in my favorites and refer to it before delivering any presentations.

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