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When You Are the Bored Trainer

by Guila Muir

We’ve all had bored trainers. They bore us through their lack of passion, of energy, of spark.

But what happens when YOU have delivered the same training over and over and over again? Is it possible to remain passionate about the same subject you have been teaching for years? How do you keep it fresh?

OK, here’s my story. I have delivered versions of a popular workshop for fifteen years. Yes, I alter the subject matter and customize it for each client. But—and I’m going to be honest here—sometimes I feel like I’m just “going through the motions.” I hear myself saying the same line that I have said at least five hundred times. And I wilt a little inside.

Now, I realize that my participants are hearing everything for the first time. Because I am naturally energetic, they listen and respond with enthusiasm. But to be honest, I sometimes feel like a robot. Has that ever happened to you?

I’m going to share five tips I use to refresh myself as a trainer. Please send me YOUR suggestions—I’ll share these in the next newsletter.

5 Tips That Refresh!

1. Remember the “Turf” That Comes With Being a Professional

The ability to perform at the same expert level time after time simply comes with the territory of being a professional-whether you are an athlete, an actor, a tour guide, or a trainer. Being a professional means you “give it your all” each time you perform. That’s what separates you from the rest of the crowd.

2. Re-Arrange the Order of Things

Although doing this may feel risky when things are working just fine as they are, rearranging your content can provide the biggest refreshment of all. Try presenting a content block either earlier or later than usual. You’ll be amazed at the freshness you feel!

3. Initiate and Enjoy Interaction

Each group is different, and projects and reflects energy differently than the last group. Have fun with that! Meet and “hob-nob” with individuals before the training and during the breaks. Listen for any unique words or concerns. Notice these and, where possible, integrate them into your delivery. Be sure to ask plenty of questions.

4. Increase Your Self Awareness in New Areas

Knowing your content as intimately as you do is a luxury. It provides the opportunity to tune into how you are delivering it. Are you making enough eye contact (or too much)? How is your voice projection? Are you pacing? Are you slouching? Don’t allow your delivery go on auto-pilot, but do try seeing and hearing yourself as an observer would.

5. Feel Lucky and Blessed

How many of us get to do jobs that involve such a high level of physical, emotional, and mental exercise all at once? From a purely selfish standpoint, what a great way to keep your brain young! Additionally, you are transmitting information that helps your participants. You are “doing good” in the world! How many people can really say that?

I hope these five tips help you keep your training fresh—not only for your participants, but for YOU, too.

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