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How the Heck Should I Organize Content?

I’d like to provide a never-fail shortcut to organizing the training content that can clutter your brain. Before we begin, I am assuming two things on your part: You believe in the value of using learning outcomes (often called “objectives”). You are able to create learning outcomes. So—once you have your training topic and your…
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Don’t Get Lost in Your Head! The Best-Kept Secret of Expert Speakers

“Empathy is a tool.” Alan Alda Have you ever felt unseen by a speaker or meeting leader? They might look right over you, or speak from inside their own bubble, almost as if they were alone. Perhaps they are nervous, or narcissistic, or shy. Whatever their reason, these speakers and facilitators aren’t using the secret…
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3 Ways to Involve Participants from the “Get-Go”!

What’s the best way to assure your training participants to “turn off” the first second you open your mouth? Just follow conventional wisdom and open your session by introducing yourself and providing your credentials. Instead, generate curiosity, interest and motivation from the outset. Use a “Hook” before introducing yourself. Three Ideas for Engaging Hooks Quickie…
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How Does Nostalgia Improve Presentation Skills?

Did you know that presenters can use nostalgia to enhance their confidence, mental fortitude, and connection with the audience? And we’re not talking about using endless anecdotes. Discover this little-known, research-based tool to improve your presentation skills.

How to “Pump Up” What Students Remember

As a trainer, have you ever wondered why the information you provide doesn’t always “stick?” What do You Know About Memory? Take this quiz to find out. 1. Learners who can perform a new learning task well are likely to retain it. (T/F) 2. Immediate memory will dump input in 30 seconds or less. (T/F)…
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Staying Sane When Traveling to Train

Have you ever felt strangely wired, unbalanced, or out of your comfort zone when traveling to train or present? While it’s super-rewarding to know that distant folks value your expertise, travel can spur unexpected anxiety. How do you keep from getting derailed? Out of Control We depend on exerting a fair amount of control over…
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Great Presenting: Enthusiasm or Entertainment?

Should trainers and presenters strive to be more entertaining? It depends on what drives you. Enthusiasm or Entertainment? Enthusiasm is about expressing your passion for the subject. You ignite participants through showing your own zest. You may even experiment by doing things outside of your comfort zone in order to pass on your excitement. Entertainment…
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Think to Talk, or Talk to Think? Engaging the Introverts

10 Tips to Engage the Introverts in Your Training Classroom

Prevent ‘Old Person’s Voice’

Speakers and presenters, don’t sound like your grandpa! Tips to prevent your voice from aging. https://www.guilamuir.com/prevent-old-persons-voice/

Presenters, Don’t Crash the Plane!

Do your presentations “run out of gas”? Many presenters take their audiences on a wonderful journey. But then, for the lack of a flight plan, they crash. Why are Conclusions Important? A closure is not just where you stop. A great conclusion reinforces, summarizes, and ties up the session. Take action to prevent YOUR crashing…
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