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How to Be Concise–(and Tacos)!

If you struggle being concise, clear and succinct when you present, this post will help you. Use the PRES frame to speak with directness and clarity!

Sit and Deliver!

We can lose much of our dynamism when we sit and speak. People can’t see our hands, our internal organs are “squished”, and we’re inhibited by lack of movement. If you must sit in this Zoom world,  these guidelines will help you exude energy: Scoot your hips toward the edge of the chair. Remove your …
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Five Characteristics That Get Us Through

A few years ago, Adam Bryant of the New York Times interviewed 525 diverse CEOs. These leaders came from all walks of life and many ethnicities, but they all seemed to share five definitive characteristics. If you, like most, have struggled over the last year to keep your head above water, I believe these five …
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Improve Meetings When You’re Not in Charge

Do meeting participants have any responsibility beyond showing up, reporting, and trying to sound reasonably on top of things? Here’s my guiding principle: When we decide against trying to influence the quality of a meeting, we make the choice to live with the consequences. I understand that challenging a meeting leader can be difficult, especially …
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Into the Abyss: What I Learned as I Learned Zoom

Like you, I participated in so many Zoom meetings and webinars over the years that I thought I really got it. So when it came time to create my first training session on Zoom, I knew I had it in the bag. I was wrong. Comfortable in My Passion My professional career has been about …
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How to Create and Deliver Virtual Training

If you’re an expert in something, you may eventually be asked to train others. These guidelines will make remote training easier for you, and more effective for those you teach. There are three essential elements to ensure great remote training: design, delivery, and tech. The unfortunate acronym for these guidelines is DDT. Design 1. Outcomes …
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How to Move Your Audience

Do you think your data should speak for itself? Guess what, it doesn’t. These two presentation tips ensure that your audience cares about your message.

Roar for Better Meetings

I caught an amazing episode about meetings on “Freakonomics Radio” a few weeks ago. Amazing because…who knew that there was enough interest for a popular, science-based radio show to broadcast such a show? People are really suffering from bad meetings! I share five highlights from the episode here. You’ll find the podcast link below, as …
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Tips to Manage Presenter Tension

How can trainers and presenters juggle complexity without tension? Chances are you haven’t tried these simple, no-fail techniques.

How the Heck Should I Organize Training Content?

Once you have your training topic and your learning outcomes, what steps should you take to develop content? I’d like to provide a never-fail shortcut to organizing the training content that can clutter your brain

Feeling Through the Screen

Empathy is a tool. Alan Alda
Have you ever felt unseen by a speaker or meeting leader? They might look right over you, or speak from inside their own bubble, almost as if they were alone. Perhaps they are nervous, or narcissistic, or shy. Whatever their reason, these speakers and facilitators aren’t using the secret power

How Does Nostalgia Improve Presentation Skills?

Did you know that presenters can use nostalgia to enhance their confidence, mental fortitude, and connection with the audience? And we’re not talking about using endless anecdotes. Discover this little-known, research-based tool to improve your presentation skills.

Staying Sane When Traveling to Train

Have you ever felt strangely wired, unbalanced, or out of your comfort zone when traveling to train or present? While it’s super-rewarding to know that distant folks value your expertise, travel can spur unexpected anxiety. How do you keep from getting derailed? Out of Control We depend on exerting a fair amount of control over …
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Great Presenting: Enthusiasm or Entertainment?

Should trainers and presenters strive to be more entertaining? It depends on what drives you. Enthusiasm or Entertainment? Enthusiasm is about expressing your passion for the subject. You ignite participants through showing your own zest. You may even experiment by doing things outside of your comfort zone in order to pass on your excitement. Entertainment …
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Think to Talk, or Talk to Think? Engaging the Introverts

Introverts thrive in learning situations that enable solitude, independent thinking, and time to process.
Dr. Kate Earle, Quiet Leadership Institute

How can trainers and presenters design a workshop that truly respects introverts, and best meet their needs? When developing your training session, use these tips to engage introverts, while meanwhile keeping the extroverts energized